It seems like every day there is a new article on the rise of artificial intelligence. The latest post to go viral was an AI-written post, where the author revealed that they had given up on writing it themselves and handed over the task to a bot. But what does this mean for you?

What’s in it for the AI?

The most common question is, what does this mean for me and my job. Experts agree that we need to start thinking about how artificial intelligence will affect our jobs now before it has a chance to catch up with us. …

Earning a livable income on your childhood passion sounds like a pipe dream to most.

And who could blame us for thinking that way?

We’ve been indoctrinated into believing we can only choose practicality or passion.

While some dreams aren’t always feasible, we sometimes forget to give our passion a fair chance.

Mind you, I thought that as well. But one thing led to another, and, from unemployment, I plunged into a successful freelance writing career as a fresh graduate from the Philippines.

Here’s how.

(And no — I won’t be flexing my earnings nor selling a course in this…

Satire. But maybe you like that.

(APRIL 16 2021) Dogecoin is rising at a breakneck pace. In a day, its growth has reached 400%. And it’s not stopping anytime soon.

Who would’ve known that a meme coin fueled by the world’s largest billionaire would cause such a ruckus?

Apparently, none of us. Not until today.

Elon Musk has done it. The DOGE coin is running to the moon.


If you think about it, Google had all the ingredients to design the ultimate social platform.

Not only are they one of the largest firms in the technology industry, but they also already have enough capital in their pockets to channel their focus on research and conceptualization rather than worrying about asset acquisition. In addition to this, the integration of Google+ in Android devices as part of the Google-application package also provided an avenue for a seamless transition for users to opt-in on the social platform, at least in theory. CEO Larry Page, who took the rein the same year…

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